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Law Office of Heath Gurinsky, PLLC emphasizes dedication to both the client and the community while continuing to maintain long-term relationships with many of my clients.

The Firm’s clientele consists of individuals, small businesses, charitable organizations, religious institutions, financial service institutions, and corporate clients in the areas of Commercial & Residential Real Estate Closings, Landlord & Tenant Litigation, Real Estate Litigation, Foreclosure Litigation, Attorney General and Court approval for Church Loans and Closings, Condominium Offering Plans, General Business and Contract Law and DHCR Representation.

The Firm achieves this diversity while maintaining its tradition of high ethical standards and professional practice. The Firm’s primary focus is on selected areas, but is sufficiently versed in other areas to assist one another on complex matters. The Firm strives to provide a close personal working relationship with its clients, while maintaining affordable fees that are the hallmark of a solo practice. I have a well-earned reputation for providing high-quality representation, while working in a well-organized and professional manner.

Technology is a welcome core aspect of the Firm’s practice. My use of technology allows me to handle matters quickly, efficiently and effectively for my clients. It also enables me to maintain an electronic library to meet research needs. I have the capability of exchanging and transmitting data and information electronically with clients and the courts. Despite the use of technology, a one-on-one relationship with my clients is the keystone of my office’s case strategy and reputation.

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